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Om ni kommer att beställa sten från oss, så är namn, datum och en design gratis (som ljus, kors, etc)
Vi Säljer och monterar stenar i alla kyrkogårdar i Sverige !

Gravsten PG 10 + Gravram (240x100x10 cm ) View larger

Gravsten LS10 + Gravram (240x100x10x15 cm )


Gravsten  + Gravram ( 100x240x10x15 cm )

Price include , stone , granite base , text ,  transport and installation

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Please contact us for production of stone and installation

37 500,00 kr

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gravstenar uddevalla.

----please email us , what would you like to write in the stone like text , decoration , stone color .if you wish we can also make ceramic or hand made photos  so we will make designs in the computer and send you design for confirmation. --- ,

We work almost all cemeteries in Sweden  , but Northern part and some places , we are not able to go there often ...usally cemetries staff install there stones , so we can send there stone by transport ..

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